An independant music and arts facility at Audiofumes Scentral. Home of the Audiofumes podcast and the Audio Wreckording Studio.

Audiofumes Radio

Since 2009 we have been promoting and streaming artists from around the globe. We continue to stream, with no genre boundaries, the music of local and international artists and previous episodes of the Audiofumes podcast. Live/real-time podcasts are also featured as well as replays of archival episodes of WRIR's The British Breakfast.

Audiofumes Radio (320 kbps)
NW Outlaws - Cool Hippie Chick
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Gasserpe - Pulsar
Super Adventure Club - Hip Hop Hot Pot Noodle
Jason West Jones - The Album
Cirque Du Soul - Profiticus Polificius
Amethyst - Straight to Hell

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Collaborations and the Sound Bacon Ensemble

Audiofumes and the SBE create their own compositions, often separately but sometimes together. We are also happy to collaborate with you on your project for any kind of guitar work, synth/electro, percussion or other sound generation - both natural and un-natural.

Snuff Box Song Submission

Use this simple form to upload material for the podcast. You may optionally add links in the boxes provided so we know where to direct poeple who want to find out more about you. If you upload a song please give us permission to play it by checking the Yes option just to keep things legal. We can accept pretty much any audio format :)

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